Reverse Logistics: Yealink Phones

In addition to Buying VOIP phones, we are experts in processing used phones for resale or reuse. As a result, we also provide reverse logistics to companies that provide VOIP phones to their customers. With our reverse logistics, customers can return their VOIP phones to be processed by our team. Our team will then test, clean and repackage the phones for reuse or resale. We currently support only Yealink phones for reverse logistics, but we will be adding other brands shortly.

Our Reverse Logistics Checklist

When we receive a phone, we run a 21-point checklist to test the phones, confirm functionality and evaluate the condition of the phones. This checklist includes checking the operation of the phone, buttons, handset, and cables included with the phone. All data on the phones is securely destroyed and the phones are restored to their factory settings. We also test that the phones connect to any autoprovisioning system so that they can be connected to a VOIP platform. In addition, all phones are cleaned, disinfected, and repackaged so that they can either be sold or sent to another customer.

Finally, we can correct small scratches and other minor cosmetic issues with phones on both the plastic case and the glass screens. This improves the aesthetics of the phones so that they can be repurposed.

Learn More About Our Reverse Logistics for VOIP phones

If you are interested in us providing Reverse Logistics for your company, please contact us to learn more. We will be happy to review your current process and provide you with a quote for reverse logistics.

If you are interested in selling your VOIP phones, please fill out the contact form below or email us at


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